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Cleaning Products

Environmentally Correct Solutions sells strong and effective mold-cleaning agents to fight mold in all types of buildings, including schools, offices, and hospitals.

Additional Products

Our line of additional cleaning products includes anaSPHERE and Advanced Cleaning Solution - theCLEANER, two disinfectants that help aid against the spread of mold.
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Environmentally Correct Solutions is located in West Seneca, New York, and specializes in mold cleaning and prevention. We are a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sustainable building design and construction. They are developers of the L.E.E.D. building rating system.

Whether you are tasked with cleaning your office, maintaining a large institution, beginning new construction, recovering from a natural disaster, or cleaning up a moldy basement, Environmentally Correct Solutions can help with its group of premium cleaning, restoration, and recovery products. Our products can clean and protect a variety of building materials of microbial residues and contamination.
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